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IUCLID installation



IUCLID installer

Plug-ins installation

Downloading and installing the Technical Completeness Check(TCC) Tool (in a IUCLID standalone version)

Data migration / data import

How to Migrate data from IUCLID 4 to IUCLID 5
How to import single files
How to use the Bulk Import tool

IUCLID basics

Creating substances

IUCLID for the EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR)

Main steps of the creation of a Biocidal Product dossier using IUCLID 5.5: the aim of this video is to present the IUCLID 5.5 dossier creation process for a biocidal product (in conformity with the Biocidal Products Regulation). Different steps are described: creation of a substance dataset, creation of a biocidal product dataset with special emphasis on product composition, and creation of the biocidal product authorisation dossier. The specific new features of IUCLID 5.5 related to biocides are also briefly introduced.

How to browse the content of a BPR Dossier: this video tutorial will guide you through the different components of an IUCLID dossier prepared to provide the information required for a Biocidal Product Authorisation application dossier under the Biocidal Product Regulation. The tutorial provides some tips on how to retrieve a dossier in IUCLID or how to quickly find the required information for example.

Draft SPC generated using the IUCLID report generator: this video tutorial explains how the information stored in IUCLID for a Biocidal product can be used to automatically generate a draft Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) using the Report Generator available since July on the IUCLID website. The tutorial describes the mapping between the IUCLID structure and the SPC content.

How to use annotations in IUCLID: this video tutorial presents the functioning of the annotations in IUCLID. Competent Authorities have to access and review the content of the IUCLID dossiers submitted by companies for the purpose of the Biocidal Product Regulation. Although dossiers are read-only, it is possible for the assessors to add comments or record the outcome of their assessment on the different parts of a dossier using the IUCLID annotations.

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