[16/04/2014] IUCLID 5.6.0 is now available

IUCLID 5.6.0 features new content and fixes. The main purpose for this release is to update the Classification and Labelling section according to the fourth revision of the GHS (incorporated in the fourth update of the CLP Regulation).

Among the improvements included in this version, there is also the possibility to transfer annotations made on one dossier to another dossier.

Files generated with IUCLID 5.6.0 remain compatible with IUCLID 5.5 (and IUCLID 5.4 for REACH data) except when new classification elements introduced in the 4th version of the GHS are used. More details on the compatibility between IUCLID 5.6 and previous IUCLID 5 versions can be found in the presentation ‘What’s new in IUCLID 5.6?’.

All existing plug-ins remain available for IUCLID 5.6 and only the fee calculation plug-in has been updated to take into account the changes in the C&L information.

Full details on this update can be found in the release notes which are included, together with the installation manuals, in the IUCLID installation packages.

Further information

Download IUCLID 5.6.0 (log-in required)

Presentation on What is new in IUCLID 5.6?



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