[07/03/2014] New version of Dossier Quality Assistant available

The updated version of the Dossier Quality Assistant is included in the IUCLID Validation Assistant plug-in (former TCC plug-in).

The Dossier Quality Assistant (DQA) helps users detect potential inconsistencies in their IUCLID registration dossiers and inquiry notifications. The DQA is included in the IUCLID Technical completeness check (TCC) plug-in, now renamed the Validation Assistant plug-in to better reflect its multiple validation modules. In addition to the DQA, the Validation Assistant plug-in continues to support the technical completeness check and business rules modules. The Validation Assistant plug-in version 5.4.4 is compatible with IUCLID 5 versions 5.4.0 and onwards.

The Dossier Quality Assistant runs automatically when the registrants launch the Validation Assistant plug-in on their dossiers and substance datasets in IUCLID 5. The results are shown in a new separate tab, where registrants can see the potential deficiencies detected by the tool. It also provides links to additional information on how companies can address the issues encountered as well as possible explanations as to why reported inconsistencies may be justifiable in certain situations. The new version of the DQA has been updated with further checks on topics such as substance identification, use description and the link between composition and classification. No changes have been made to the technical completeness check and business rules modules.

Further information

Download the Validation Assistant plug-in which contains the updated Dossier Quality Assistant (click here (log-in required))



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