[22/10/2012] IUCLID 5.4.1 is now available

An upgraded version of IUCLID 5 is available.

A minor upgrade of IUCLID 5 has been published: version 5.4.1. Besides correcting some errors, this release brings valuable new functionalities and improvements such as:

The data format is unchanged, so all documents that were created with any version of IUCLID 5.4, are fully compatible. However, when upgrading to v5.4.1, a database upgrade step is needed due to the nature of the fixes and improvements provided by this release. Installation and upgrade instructions are supplied with the installation packages available on the IUCLID website.

More details on this update are available in the release notes for IUCLID 5.4.1.

Before running the distributed version of IUCLID 5.4.1, please check the updated FAQ on the IUCLID website here. Please note that the workstation version is not affected by the issue.



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