[18/07/2012] The Chemical Safety Report plug-in has been updated to IUCLID 5.4

The last IUCLID plug-in to be updated to version 5.4 is now available.

As announced during the publication of four plug-ins and the Web Services last week, the last plug-in to be updated to be compatible with IUCLID 5.4 - the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) plug-in - is now available.

Main elements of this new version include the Section 8 'PBT and vPvB assessment' which can now be generated by the plug-in or the adaptation of Section 5 'Human health hazard assessment' to reflect the changes made to relevant endpoint summaries in IUCLID 5.4. More information on the modifications included in this new version is given in Part 0 of the CSR plug-in User Manual.

Installation and User manuals are included in the installation package of the CSR plug-in and can be downloaded from the IUCLID website: Download.



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