[15/07/2010] Additional Business Rules added to the Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plugin; inquiry and CLP notifications now supported

A new version of the Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plugin is available.

The IUCLID 5 TCC tool allows checking of the completeness of REACH registration dossiers and PPORD notifications before submitting them to the European Chemicals Agency. It can be used both in dossiers and substance datasets, and supports both the distributed and standalone versions of IUCLID.

This new version of the TCC plugin increases the accuracy of the TCC and Business Rules which were already available in the previous versions.

In addition, the Business Rules checks have been extended to support the inquiry and CLP notifications.

It is recommended to use this tool to check whether the information necessary for the processing of dossiers by ECHA is correctly encoded. Please note however that some specific checks can only be performed in REACH-IT itself and that the conclusions on the submission might differ from the outcome of the plugin.

The changes made in this new version are further detailed in the release note included in the installation package that can be downloaded from the IUCLID website in Download \ Version 5.2.0 \ TCC Plugin.

Important note: this plugin can only be used with IUCLID version 5.2 and above.



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