[04/02/2010] The Backup plugin allows complete backup of IUCLID 5 data in preparation for the migration to IUCLID 5.2

The IUCLID 5 Backup plugin is now available for download on the IUCLID website.

In advance of the upcoming IUCLID 5.2 release, a special plugin with the capability to backup all IUCLID data including administrative information is being issued.

In addition to the existing standard backup functionality, the IUCLID 5 Backup plugin allows selection of administrative data (e.g. users; user preferences and roles; EC Inventory; Literature inventory). It supports both the distributed and standalone versions of IUCLID.

Included in the initialisation of the soon-to-be-release IUCLID 5.2 will be the possibility to restore from the backup created by this plugin.

The Backup plugin runs with the versions 5.0 and 5.1 of IUCLID. The extended Backup functionality will be standard in IUCLID 5.2.

To download the plugin, go to Get IUCLID 5 -> Download -> Backup Plugin



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